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you cracked that before :tumbleweed:


I like plenty of games, just nothing recently where i'd consider going back to replay them or for the most part have longtime playability.


Games over the last few years have got some bad habits for development

- "massive" open world scenarios which are really hard to balance because the content gets samey or you end up being able to walk through it paying zero attention because it doesn't scale and you're way past the point of caring (e.g Dragonage:Inquistion/Skyrim)

- Microtransactions, basic game where anything you might want to unlock that really should have just been included, or the likelyhood of you ever grinding your way to owning is so slim the next game will be out so it's aimed to just cave and cost you more money (AC:Failure, FIFA, Mortal Kombat)

- Single/Multiplayer masters of none, games trying to do both but either one part of it is shoddy or both are meh

- Locked Content/DLC ... what's that all that stuff is on the disc I paid for but you want me to pay more for "DLC" that just unlocks it in 6months time, even though most of the original game is so buggy and flawed you're releasing weekly patches and it's "huge" content is beaten within 3hrs of release? (Destiny...which also now has microtransactions and it's DLC was as expensive as the original game)


I don't need a game that's 12x too big that 80% of the content becomes absolutely pointless, or one that has both single player/multiplayer aspects.

Bioshock in 2007 is a great example of something being balanced, no multiplayer..no one cared, not "open world mammoth" in size, no one cared, DLC? wasn't needed.

It was a well-balanced story driven game with a twist that not a lot of people would have caught on to with the "would you kindly", and you could/would go back and play it again


Borderlands 1/2 , huge games, huge dlc's but you got your moneys worth, massively entertaining because of it's design/writing, and the dlc's didn't last you 30mins or give you some pointless items for £20 they were well worth it... and the gameplay would scale for you, you got bigger better items, the enemies ramp up to match it for the most part, you're not running about like in dragonage/skyrim doing stuff you're way too high for for items that are beyond obsolete.


There's always games i'll prefer more than others resi evil series (apart from 6 which is an atrocity ), Baldurs gate, Zelda a link to the past, and it's not a nostalgia thing, it's simply the older games (eg half life) targeted certain things and did them well rather than trying to be jacks of all trade, or rip the utter balls out of the consumer, and there just isn't that many recent games which are capable of it.

(the recent Batman games/GTA-V being a few that were some of the better ones)

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