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Newcastle United v Liverpool (6/12/15 16:00 ko Sky)

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0-3. St James' will be like a morgue. Sissoko, Colo, and Anita will start and do fuck all.


International breaks are becoming more exciting than watching us.

Aye, it'll be 4-4-2 and exactly the same tactics that have served us so well in the last 3 games.


If they only beat us 3-0 then Elliot will presumably be have been our man of the match.

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If the players show some courage 0 v 3.If Janmaat the coward and Dummitt the coward play like cowards again 0 v 6, I have never been more certain of a hammering.There will be few if any changers.The same-ish players will again chuck the towel in and again shrug their shoulders at best after every goal conceded.No bollocking,no fight and no pride in the shirt.

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Wot d'ye think aboot this then?




Janmaat... Mbemba... Colo ...Colback.


Perez... Sissoko... DeJong... Wijnaldum


Mitrovic ... Cisse


If that long-haired Swiss lad is fit then him at left back, move Colback to the middle and drop Sissoko.

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All the Ashleyout.com group need to do is say the boycotts on I'm sure there must be thousands waiting for the nod from them. I'm fairly sure it'll gather momentum also we don't play until Sunday so that gives an extra day. I know it's short notice but i hope they make a start this Sunday it's on the telly so either stay at home & watch it or nip down the pub

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What would a boycott actually achieve though. He spent money, he has a new manager - there's almost no point now. A sustained campaign for forcing him out, yes, but a boycott for one game isn't going to make a blind bit of difference.



"Boycotting games again a prospect raised by no less a Newcastle United figure as Kevin Keegan this last week. Personally, if Ashley does not act in January with viable money being spent on the correct players (don't ask who, because I have no idea who's going to come here either), I believe the time then would be right to target a televised match at SJP and have the kind of boycott that was so staggeringly successful last season against Spurs. Now, replies are no doubt going to be filled with the urgings of those who have already chucked it in on a more permanent basis and who are utterly convinced theirs is the right path, though cannot detail how their own self-imposed exile has delivered any results whatsoever. Ill be honest, if the tone of those who favour a boycott is of the hectoring, insulting type Ive experienced on Twitter before (apparently because I hold a season ticket Im an Ashley collaborator) then people will just close their ears to the noise that comes from some fringe groups and Ill be one of them. No-one ever really became convinced about changing their mind by being harangued, insulted or anything else. I say that as someone who can give it out as well as take it in a good honest row. No, its my opinion that without quick, decisive action from Mike Ashley a boycott should be back on the agenda and quick. Not that Im volunteering to organise it. Social media etc. is rammed with what seem to be willing soldiers or more accurately digital generals whose passion is obvious. Im becoming tired with it all and others need to step up to the plate."

^ from TF which are pretty much my thoughts and views and experiences with and on NUFC. Have to give credit, otherwise that would be plagiarism wouldn't Rayvin? ;)

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