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Happy 50th birthday, CT

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When he started posting I thought CT was an old man in his 40s and I was a young 20 something with only 60% of his years.


Now, as I approach 40 and CT is barely 50 I feel very old all of a sudden. I'm 72% as old now and CT looks like a lean, mean sharp headed machine with none of the gut I have.


The long walks looking for milk tops are serving you well. Happy birthday.

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He's a big fat pointy headed spaz, but he's our big fat pointy headed spaz.


Come on, everyone pay tribute to CT with your own special words about him.



He may be a bull's Clem, he might be a grinning Tory shithouse class traitor, he may be to cooking what Gary Glitter was to babysitting, he may have a head the shape of the front of a 1950's racing car but by jingo, he's OUR special CT. Happy birthday and don't dribble any food down your chin. :good:

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