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Which transfer was the most disappointing?

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I had high hopes for Jon Dahl Tommasson, but that may have been a hangover from the previous season coupled with youthful naivete. I remember telling my mates he'd be class alongside Shearer despite knowing absolutely nothing about him. :blush:


Recently it'd probably be Siem de Jong. I know he could still have a career here, but I can't see it happening.


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Cacapa. I'd seen him play for Lyon and he looked like just the defender we needed. Came here and he was utter dogshit.


JDT was such a shame too. He looked class preseason but it just didn't work for him here. It's more disapointing when you see what he went on to do.


But really with the amount we paid for him and his standing in world football it has to be that little shit Owen.

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Owen wasn't disappointing, he was everything i knew he'd be, a useless mercenary boring little gobshite who'd been over hyped for years, i remember thinking at the time i couldn't believe we could've had him or anelka at half the price... and went for fucking Owen.



Bramble i think is up there, mainly because of how much he cost and Sir Bobby apparently thought he'd come good, fuck knows why.

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Luque looked mint for Deportivo.


I thought signing Damian duff was a real coup at the time. How wrong I was :lol:


I never rated Alan Smith but plenty did. Even I was surprised at just how bad he turned out to be.


Carl court was like £7m or something wasn't he? :lol: ditto rivière.


Only we could pay a combined £15m for two defenders as inept as Boumsong and Bramble :lol:


Owen has to top the list but I'm sure I could go on. Stephane Guivarch anyone? From World Cup winner to farce

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Kluivert and Owen for me in terms of my hopes when we signed them. We've had plenty worse players but they were both big let downs. After watching viana in his first few games (including that tie against zeljeznikar or whatever they were called) I really thought he was going to turn out to be a top drawer player for us and it never happened. Coming to us possibly ruined his career, although he might well have just been too soft to succeed anywhere at the highest level. Pity because he was a quality passer. I watched him a few years later at braga when he'd resurrected his career a bit, he was still quite good when he got on the ball but soft as shite. Duff was another disappointment for me - hardly ever did owt for us with exception of one half in the Europa league. With duff, Owen and kluivert you can always argue they had shocking managers like. Jenas was another one like viana - arriving and showing do much promise for his age, especially in that debut against arsenal, shame he turned out to be a pea heart. Slightly more obscurely I remember thinking mark robins was going to be class for us for years and be England's next right back after watching one of his first games (vs derby?) after we signed him :D


Edit: just looked up mark robins and it turns out I meant mark Robinson, that's old age for you

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Silvio Maric, John Robertson.


Robertson was a goal machine at Hearts when they had a side who were decent for the Scottish leagues, plus there were loads of Scots, Irish and Welsh in the football leagues who were good players so I just assumed he'd be the dogs bollocks when he signed in my teenage Haydonator enthusiasm. That was a disappointment which was made even worse when we got relegated that season.


Not top of the list by any means but Hugo Viana was a disappointment, he wasn't absolutely horrific but he clearly didn't suit the league and had come with a fair bit of hype after winning that award. Agree with the others mentioned in all.


Aye, a tidy player no doubt but just lacked the pace and drive we were enjoying with the likes of Dyer and Bellamy playing off Shearer and Speed and Robert breaking quickly as well. Viana just wasn't up to the tempo as much as we all wanted him to be.

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