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Which Transfer was the most surprising

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That was my impression as well. I think for a while most of us thought Jenas and Dyer had the makings of a really formidable midfield but they both started to disappoint before Robson went. They both had a habit of going missing when the games weren't going our way, which could definitely be excused for a 19/20/21 year old like Jenas, especially under Souness who had an incredible ability not to get the best out of players, but from what I saw he continued to be like that at Spurs under different managers. Loads of ability but I don't think he ever had the heart to be the top player his ability and athleticism initially suggested.

The heart / mentality to control games in central midfield was definitely lacking which is a shame since, as you allude to, he had plenty of ability and a great engine
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Gary Speed- when he first arrived he got fucking pelters off everyone.

Turned out to be not half bad :lol:

Dalglish again though. Came into his own after Batty left and he formed a centre mid partnership with Rob Lee
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Aye Nolan was surprising for sure, we had a few around that time that were better then I thought they would be.

Lovenkrands done canny and become a really likable member of the team and Best was surprising because he was actually better in the Prem for us than he was in the Championship, neither were the most surprising transfer we've ever had obviously.

Gloom's shout about Perch is right as well, he was a complete joke at first but he actually became a player I was pretty sad to see leave.


I will say that Best being there is probably mainly because he was around at the most exciting time we've had under Ashley, I always think of his hat-trick against West Ham whenever his name is brought up.

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