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Hello there, I am a groundhopper and this week I attended your match vs Watford, I filmed my experiences as shown in the video below.

I sat with the Watford fans however, I must say the fact that you had extra allocated to you and that many of you came t an FA Cup fixture in early January even though you're in a crap vain of form, the fans are what make a club and that's clear with your fan base.

In terms of what was on the pitch today I had a rant about it at the end of the video (I've never done that before)

I hope you will check the video out! (and leave some feedback if possible)

ENJOY! (I hope)

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I reckon I was about your age the only time I've been to Vicarage Road and that's where the similarities end. Saw some school kids from St. Albans being interviewed about speaking to the Briton in the space station and they sounded like they were about fifty five in a young conservatives way. My feedback? Ditch the fucking camera, support whatever team you follow, go to your games, drink and have a laugh and remember you're only young once, enjoy it rather than all this bollocks, man!

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