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Watford v Newcastle

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Think we've shown in recent weeks that the teams high up the table are nowt special, have to deal with Ighalo who had our defenders number in the first game we played them. If we can play like we did against Man Utd and that first half I think we will pick up points.

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Fuck me :lol:


Every other thread you're whinging in today. Time of the month?


I'm not whinging I'm purring at our performance today. I just think after seeing us have a man sent off in the first half 3 times, other teams players committing 20 fouls and not getting sent off, conceding a BS handball penalty and not getting awarded the majority of stonewall claims for penalties ourselves that I can't confidently go into any game. We'd be mid table if it wasn't for referees this season.

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Probably turn their noses up at that cheap plastic shite, I know alot of them used to get coats off some shops in the town but not sure if that still goes on.


It would be nice of people to give them to a homeless shelter mind, it's not like people who already have coats need an Everlast jacket worth 6 quid (that's what someone found it on Amazon for).

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I can see a gutsy performance and a draw.

But i would love to be proven wrong, if we can play like the first 35 minutes of the west ham game and convert a few more chances (a la the norwich game) i'll feel a lot more comfortable that we are capable of getting points regularly than getting 'the poitns that merit the effort' once every four or five games.

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