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Andros Townsend

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Not for a minute did I think Townsend would stay when I knew he had a cop-out clause in his contract. Just another egotistical mercenary, no loyalty to a club that rescued him from the Tottenham bench and paid him good money to come. No loyalty to a club that he was part of their relegation battle, and not concerned about helping them to get Premier league status back.

Going to join Pardew at Palace is not much of a step up, certainly not Champions League in view, and certainly not a team in the top half.

I don't wish him luck, I hope he gets Pardewed, and I hope Palace gets relegated next season and he doesn't have another cop-out clause.

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If any player owes us absolutely nothing, it's Townsend. I can't see why he would get any hate. He signed with a get-out clause. From the outset, the intention was to help keep us up or go. What's the problem?


There are people to blame for Townsend leaving (heaps of them), but Townsend isn't one of them. Townsend was honest in his intentions all along.


All in all, I'm with Howay. He wasn't here long enough for me to be arsed that he's leaving. He's a good player, but I don't think he's spectacular in any sense. When we go back up, we could sign one of any number of players that would be just as good (or better) than him.


Nothing against him, he did well for us, but it's not like we've lost a future England great. We haven't even lost a current England regular (not that that particular designation means anything these days).


Anyway, good luck to him. He did well for us. If his teammates did the same, he'd still be here.

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He came on the condition he could go if we went down and not ony tried his fucking best to keep us up he also delivered end product. Good luck to him. If we get more 'mercenaries' of his ilk we'll have a very good side.

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Good player, sad we've lost him. A few more games with Rafa (or as others have pointed out, a bit more effort from his useless teammates, most of whom were wearing black and white long before Townsend was, and are the ones without "loyalty" if anyone is) and he'd still be playing in the PL with us - fair play to him for not wanting to drop down a level after a good season.


Playing for Pardew though...not the best career decision. I wish him luck but once that chancer gets his hands on him he'll be playing right back before long.


(Also, Roy should've taken him to France, I've no doubt he'd have put in a better shift than the other wasters who got selected.)

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I'm disappointed but not surprised, the only loyalty in football is with the fans, we often mistakenly expect players to show the same loyalty to the shirt was we do.

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officialtownsendId like to put on record my sincerest thanks to the manager, board and fans of Newcastle United for the warmth and support they have shown me since I joined in January. Please believe me when I say that this has been an incredibly difficult decision and one I have not taken lightly.

I signed for Newcastle fully aware of the task at hand and it was my absolute desire to keep the club in the Premier League. I hope the fans could see that from day one I gave everything I possibly could during the season and never once gave up on the fight for survival. Thats why it was so hard when despite those efforts we fell short.

The future for Newcastle is very bright, with some great young players and an outstanding Manager who I have the utmost respect for. However, after talking at length with the Manager and Managing Director I have made the decision to leave the club based purely on footballing reasons, with my wish to remain in the Premier League.

I remain humbled by the support of the fans during my time at Newcastle and wish everyone associated with the club success for the future. The fans deserve a winning team and I fully expect to see the club promoted back to the Premier League at the first attempt. Thank You.

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