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Mr & Mrs Scottish Mag..

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What was that, then? The hoax?


Congrats obviously, though if he doesn't post I'm not sure he'll see it...


There wasn't a hoax, I just didn't add "No Gemmill" under the title, therefore people immediately assume it's terrible news re: the subject of the thread.


He doesn't post often, but he's always here ;)

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I meant what Gloom mentioned - the hitzfeld hoax that he is apparently fondly remembered for? I just thought it sounded like it might be a good story, but maybe there's nothing to it :)

Long story, but this muppet from the Newcastle Online board launched an online campaign, hitzfeld for the toon, to try to persuade the club to try to appoint him back when shepherd was still running the show. He even went as far as preparing a dossier to make the area look as appealing as possible to send to the German manager, detailing, among other things, the best golf courses in the north east as apparently Hitzfeld is a keen golfer. It all got a bit ridiculous when this lad started releasing interviews he'd done with himself about the campaign.


So being the more cynical of the two boards, peasepud and Scottish mag set up this fake German newspaper website with a hoax article with really bad broken English - the kind you get when you type something into babel fish - where hitzfeld apparently acknowledged the campaign. They bought it for a while until they realised it was a hoax and meltdown ensued. There's a good thread in the gold section, I think.

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