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Making a Molester , Season 2 for that Sunderland Netflix special

He represents Ashley's model in such undiluted shitness that no, he does not deserve any support. Change needs to be forced, he needs to be out of the club because crap, old managers ready for the kna

Get in, Rafa. Far too many managers talking about how they wouldn't want to disrupt the game and sabotage the "entertainment". Like football is a show in which racism must occasionally be tolerated, r

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Mackems always make daft short cuts for things "delete mod" what a wanker :lol: . Your posts are being deleted by the spam filter you nob because you've made about 300 posts over a 3 day period you sad cunt.

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If Ashley leaves it to Penfold to finalise things one of the things Rafa might want rid of is Penfold himself


Penfold "Run that past me again Mr Benitez your highness, you want rid of Concur, Carr & me not a problem I'll get right on it"

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There's still more than enough time for Penfold to tell him all signings have to be suggested by him and accept a wage in line with 1985 levels. Or a much better run club come in with a better offer. I refuse to get upbeat about anything to do with this club until it's set in stone.

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