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Whey howay man, there's literally 20 car parks within a ten minute walk. It's a stones throw from the club you've supported your entire life so i struggle to believe you have no knowledge of the surrounding area. All hospital car parks are busy after tea as its visiting hours

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I'm going up later tonight after visiting and wanted to know if that car park I know is usually free or full of staff.


Ie in shields the first car park you pass is mainly staff.


I don't want to be in the city centre as I'm taking someone up who has been discharged from another hospital today and will struggle to walk very far.


I don't want to piss about late at night trying to find a safe close street nearby hence the question.


But aye, cheers.

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Got to go up there later tonight and have only ever dropped off at the entrance to the main building.


Anyone know if that car park is usually ok for spaces or is there another one or somewhere else close by to park.



The Car Park there is normally a nightmare, you end up on the roof 9 times out of 10. That's where I had my brain operation in August 2014. As far as hospitals go though, the new part is as good as it gets, it's like a top hotel it's that nice. They should all be like that, the Freeman where I go now, isn't as nice.

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