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pick your England starting 11 for the Euros

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i'd go for something like this, based on form this year, though it'll never happen - sterling, rooney and milner are all bound to start. he'll probably start henderson or Wilshire too. i suppose stones has been a bit shit of late but we're not exactly blessed with loads of options at the back.



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If he starts Rooney ahead of Ali he wants his head checked.


Only three central defenders in the squad too. I guess he's thinking Dier could be the fourth choice. Playing with fire as it's obvious one of them will get injured now. Weird that a strong central defence used to be our strong point.

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started 1

:lol: :lol: Bet he done absolutely fuck all in that one start as well. To be honest the bloke has done largely fuck all apart from be injured for years, I'm not the biggest fan of Mark Noble but you'd be irate if you were someone like him on the cusp of the England squad and you lose out to someone that has barely made 10 appearances since the World Cup.

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alright then wankers, here it is




i was trying to find way to get dier, drinkwater and ali into the same midfield while playing vardy and kane in the same team. vardy did well for hodgson from that postition already but if you play both of them as out and out forwards then drinkwater has to be sacrificed. probably for sterling, which is annoying as he's been gash this season.

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