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Headaches are common after a spinal but it sounds as if she may have a post-dural puncture. It happens when you get a small leak of CSF through the hole that was made by the spinal needle. It's not "common" (approx 1 in 500 will get it) but it does sound classic from what you describe. She can take paracetamol and brufen and lie down as much as possible which I realise this is ridiculously impractical with a newborn. The immediate treatment is a blood patch where a small amount of her blood is taken by an anaesthetist and then injected into her back to seal the leak. It sounds scary but we do them with great success when we get patients with this. When is she next due to to see the midwife? And which hospital were you at?

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Just realised you probably won't be on here too much with everything going on. If the midwife isn't due to come in the morning I'd give the labour ward or post-natal ward a ring first thing in the morning and explain the situation. They should be able to take it from there and get her sorted. If she had the baba at the QE, let me know and I'll see if I can do anything from this end.

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