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Catmag goes full Paddington

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Cath being Cath has kept this fairly quiet on here so it's probably slipped by most of our regulars so figured i'd make it more obvious.


Being the charitable sort, she is off to deepest darkest Peru in August to help build a new classroom in a school, followed by working in a girls orphanage helping to teach English etc (just arse about and play games with kids for that last section ;))


Either way blue overcoats, red hats, marmalade, and building materials don't pay for themselves so if anyone wants to donate via PayPal send it through to the link below



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Thanks Ant for doing this, because even though I said I'd probably start a thread, I probably wouldn't. I'm shit at begging for stuff :lol:


Some of you have been really very generous already - wow, thank you. I'll stick some proper info and photos up later for anyone who's interested. And if you're not, that's fine; you know which thread to avoid. But this is very much appreciated.

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Oh, and just to clarify: any donations and fundraising are going directly to the charity (The Peru Mission) to buy the building materials for the project. The 13 of us who are going are all funding ourselves entirely and just hoping that the beer is cheap at the end of the working day..

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Well I'm back. Other than seeing my boy I don't really want to be back but there you go. Will post some pics in here over time so if you're easily bored then just don't click on this topic as some of them are difficult to see, but the reality is that we could all be doing more for our fellow humans. It was an exhausting, challenging, amazing, beautiful, life-changing thing. Hope you're all doing good :) 

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The barrio (slum area) of Bellavista, Nanay, Northern Peru.




Nowhere to eat their lunch so they used our bags of cement..




One of the boys took us to see where he lived. Los Cedros, San Juan, Iquitos. Some open sewers in the street although some houses have water and electricity.




Despite all of that the kids come to school looking impeccable every day.




This is Joseph who took us to see his house. He loves a selfie and we gave him a pair of trainers and a Newcastle shirt on the QT. I want to adopt him.




The kids came to school on a Saturday so we could teach them English.




Real life Wacky Races. Very few cars. Lots of these - motocarros and motorbikes. It's not unusual to see a family of 4 on a bike with a toddler inbetween the parents and a baby being fed en route in its mother's arms.

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Our lot - building our maloca and kitchen.. In this picture is me, my mam, my auntie and uncle, my cousin and his wife and some family friends. We made a canny team.








I have never in my life been more sweaty, filthy and minging but I built that wall and I'm proud of it! 








The bricklaying was cemented over to made steps for the kids to eat their lunch in the shade.






Our Peruvian builders who had the patience of saints and didn't complain when they had to straighten our walls.. We gave them our t-shirts when we left (yes we washed them first)

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Visit to a local hospital and church where we donated medicines from pharmaceutical companies in the UK








Intensive Care. Apoyo Hospital, Iquitos.




Preparing antibiotics for TB patients.






Caring for children with malaria and Dengue fever.




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