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Again like with DeJong and Cabella, I have to say I'm very pleasantly surprised by this. Of course I'd prefer to be supporting a club that has the ambitions to hold onto players like Debuchy rather than just trying to make a profit on them. But living with the constraints of Ashley it's nice to see us holding on to a player until we've sorted out a replacement. Especially one that looks like he should be of a good quality.

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Never liked Debuchy or his haricut or his love affair with mentally derranged Cabaye. Glad we're shot of these two bikeshed boys.


I think Debuchy stalked him here, they had some sort of tiff after some overly aggressive sex so Cabaye then left him for a Portuguese house boy from Versailles. PSG was just a convenience.

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I personally think people are so used to us selling our best players and not replacing them that they're now heaping unwarranted praise on the club for signing any player. Remember when we were underwhelmed when Coloccini was our marquee signing?

I don't actually consider Cabaye to be any better than Siem (far better all-round game). Debuchy is marginally better at coming forward and worse defensively than Janmmat. We're slightly up on these deals.

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At the end of the day if players want to leave - what can you do?


That's the club's attitude. My answer would be to address the reasons they want to leave. Assure and prove to them that we can match their ambitions etc. Do that by spending the money we generate.

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