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Hippo Heed appointed Engerland manager

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First off my heart goes out to Sunderland after losing their manager weeks before the season starts. Whoops :-o


In terms of strategy an tactics never been much of a fan of big Sam however he wears his heart on his sleeve and I reckon we need someone who can lead.


Which is more than can be said for hodgson who looked like he was waiting at the bus stop to collect his pension!


Will Sam win us the world cup.... Stranger things have happened

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The complete lack of any suitable English managers to manage England is a concern. Allardyce and Bruce both have poor premier league win % after managing in the top league for plenty of years. Hoddle hasn't managed for years, saggy face is far too mouthy to be considered and has struggled in the later part of his career. Howe looks a prospect but is far too in experienced. We have no one at all who is used to managing at the top level. I read Lineker tweet earlier that all of the major European nations managers are home grown so we should do the same and if so Allardyce is the best bet. He doesn't seem to realise that all of these other countries have managers who are used to managing at the highest level not just scrapping agaist relegation. We should have been looking to bring in a quality foreign manager. It's no guarantee of success but it's more likely than with the dross they've interviewed.

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To be honest .......................... I can't believe he was actually considered for the job. His record as a Premier League manager does not include any successes unless you count been saved from relegation. For the sake of England I hope he can find a winning way, but I certainly don't have high hopes.

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