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The Utter Beige v Colback's Used Nickleback Tampax Suckers


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Biege twats 0 - C.U.N.T.S 1


NUFC to Score
0 - Kitman
1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, David Kelly, Holden McGroin, StoneColdStephenIreland, Happy Face, jonasjuice, Renton, barnabox, @yourservice, arc89, Dougle, gpirlo68, TheGingerQuiff
2 - ewerk, trophyshy, McFaul , Rayvin, Howay, Dr Gloom, Anorthernsoul, tooner, Monkeys Fist, Tom, strawb, acrossthepond, wykikitoon, Ant, OTF
3 - rogerbarton, Christmas Tree , zico martin, Andrew, ohhh_yeah, MiddleAgeCool, scoobos, vimalraja
4+ - 
NUFC to Concede
0 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, rogerbarton, trophyshy, McFaul , David Kelly, Howay, Dr Gloom, tooner, Monkeys Fist, ohhh_yeah, Tom, strawb, scoobos, vimalraja, arc89
1 - ewerk, Christmas Tree , StoneColdStephenIreland, Anorthernsoul, zico martin, jonasjuice, Andrew, barnabox, acrossthepond, MiddleAgeCool, Dougle, wykikitoon, Ant, OTF, gpirlo68
2 - Rayvin, Holden McGroin, Happy Face, Renton, @yourservice, TheGingerQuiff
3 - Kitman
4+ - 
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Another defeat for Villa puts them 10 points behind us and thus at least 10 outside automatic promotion. Almost dead and buried 9 games in.


Despite that, I can see us doing them with another professional performance. They're in turmoil with Grealish (one of just 4 goalscorers for them this season) in hot water after smashing it til 8am on Saturday night, RDM under pressure and their nutjob owner on the loose.

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