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Fanny frigging, freak felchers v Norwich - Wed 28/09 @ 19:45

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Predictions open for Dougle to confound Ewerk.


NUFC to Score
0 - wykikitoon
1 - ewerk, tooner, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Happy Face, The Fish
2 - Rayvin, Dr Gloom, Ant, trophyshy, Howay, strawb, Anorthernsoul, Dougle, Monkeys Fist, acrossthepond, Dickie, Holden McGroin, ToonMarshy, zico martin, rogerbarton, LooneyToony, StraightEdgeWizard, gpirlo68
3 - SpartaFC, Andrew, Tom, StoneColdStephenIreland, TheGingerQuiff, @yourservice, barnabox, David Kelly, scoobos, vimalraja
4+ - Christmas Tree , ohhh_yeah, McFaul
NUFC to Concede
0 - ewerk, Howay, StoneColdStephenIreland, strawb, Anorthernsoul, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Dougle, Happy Face, acrossthepond, Dickie, David Kelly, zico martin, rogerbarton, scoobos, LooneyToony, vimalraja
1 - Rayvin, SpartaFC, Dr Gloom, tooner, Andrew, Ant, trophyshy, Tom, TheGingerQuiff, wykikitoon, barnabox, ohhh_yeah, Monkeys Fist, The Fish, McFaul , gpirlo68
2 - Christmas Tree , @yourservice, Holden McGroin, ToonMarshy, StraightEdgeWizard
3 - 
4+ - 
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:lol: one of my insults made it to the thread title i see. though i wonder if the more offensive piss drinking pedophiles suggestion would have increased our chances of a result, and possibly also a lawsuit. 


I'd forgotten that the Toontastic account on Twitter generates a tweet with every new topic title.




What must people think!

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Norwich are arguably the best side in the division - we probably have better individual quality but they came down from the Premier League with a ready-made Championship squad. I fully expect them to finish in the automatic promotion positions, hopefully alongside us.


This game will be tight. Gayle and Diame should probably be dropped after their finishing horror show at Villa Park on Saturday (and Diame's generally awful form). 


Does anyone know if Yedlin will be fit? It'll be a big shame if not, he looked very good on Saturday and gave us real pace and energy down the right. We seemed to go to bits after he went off. If he's not, I assume it'll be Mbemba that comes in? We'd probably all like to see Gamez come in but it looks like he won't be getting a look in any time soon.


I can see a win for us by the odd goal but I'm not anticipating a classic.



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:lol: :lol:


Sorry,  shouldn't laugh, but... :lol:


i did like :lol:



what's awkward about these thread titles is that it autotweets and hashtags them to try generate traffic


and toontastic shares its name (we were first) with some sort of kids learning app



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Aw ffs, I'm starting to feel bad now :D Maybe we should knock it on the head? Change our twitter hashtag?


Although if it was that big a problem I guess they would have done that...


We were first they can jog on, they only launched in 2011, we've years of being around feeling crap about newcastle for them to catch up on

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