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Fanny frigging, freak felchers v Norwich - Wed 28/09 @ 19:45

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I don't think we're that far along yet. Remember we beat qpr 6-0 a couple of weeks ago...

I suggested it'll be the start of the turn, that it'll unfold over the coming weeks if we get beat here. Not that anything will happen imminently. Once people start getting a sniff of the possibility that we might actually not be guaranteed promotion they'll be unable to keep a lid on their frustration, nervy crowds make for nervy teams. We need to win here just to keep some momentum

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My rose-tinted specs have not been returned, so...........

Was it Brolly-boy who said judge me after 10?

Well Rafa didn't say it but Norwich is No.10.

It's at home which does not seem to be a bonus anymore!!

We've lost 3 games and 2 were at home, Norwich might make it 3.

Got my usual bad feeling about this one when it's a more meaningful game.

On edge about Rafa's rotational genre, didn't work with Villa.

I'll be AS MAD AS HELL if he starts Gayle ahead of Perez or Nitrovic (no I didn't make a spulling mistake)

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Maybe I am being a bit extreme, but I am anxious with regards to the lack of real leaders and how that will transmit to being able to perform under pressure.


I don't think you're completely wrong like, but I reckon even if we lose to Norwich - if we win the subsequent game the fans will be back on side again.


We shouldn't lose to Norwich though.

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Is the match on any foreign channels tomorrow? Should be as it's the only championship game.


Nope, KSA is correct it's all champs league.

I realise with Ashley's love of not spending money it's most likely been left to rot or sold off but at one stage NUFC were looking to have enough of their own broadcast equipment that they could cover games themselves.

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Aye it's mental that in this day and age it's not broadcast somewhere, the daft part is there will be cameras there filming anyway. No doubt the rules of any deals the Championship signed with broadcasters wouldn't allow it but it would be class if they would live stream every game (or at least the ones that weren't being broadcast anywhere at all) and you could pay like 30 or 40 quid for the season to have access to your teams games.

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Team I'd like to see start providing there are no injuries to my picks.

             "Call me a dreamer, well maybe I am"




     Yedlin     Mbemba    Clark     Lazaar


     Ritchie     Diame    Haydon     Atsu


                        Perez     Mitrovic









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