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Players we missed out on

Kid Dynamite

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Came in to post Brett Emerton. I think Oliver was still insistent it was happening, even when he was holding a Blackburn shirt.

Oliver had Grobbalaar signing, I'm sure. Also might've been Gibbo, but we were once apparently after Ian Rush just after Juventus had paid a fortune to Liverpool for him. :lol:
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Aye that's it, that's when the penny dropped with him that Ashley, Lambias, Wise couldn't be trusted 


Where would we have got to if they'd backed KK that summer?


I remember that 8 game unbeaten streak at the end of 07/08 where we played some sumptuous stuff with the three-pronged attack.

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Think the story was that KK was meant to have been promised Schweinsteiger when Milner left. The problem was it was bollocks as Munich and the player hadn't even been approached and, unsurprisingly he didn't want to leave.


Terry Mac D has been talking about this deal recently



Terry McDermott speaking to 5 Times podcast:


“He (James Milner) came from Leeds, we bought him…I think it was about four million quid, something like that, for him.


“He was only about 20 then, or 22, or something like that (Milner was actually only 18 when Sir Bobby bought him in 2004).


“When he came into the club we’d heard all about him, what a player he was. I had reservations about him but he grew on me.


“We were actually at the club when we sold him, myself and Kevin Keegan.


“We actually sold him for £15m and the story goes, I’ll tell you, it’s a true story this.


“We didn’t want him to leave but we needed other players in, we’d had a bid of £15m. So we said, we’ll tell you what we’ll do…’If we sell him for £15m how are we going to replace him?’.


“They (Newcastle hierarchy – Ashley/Llambias/Wise) said ‘We’ve already got one’.


“He (Kevin Keegan) said ‘Oh, who?’.


“They said ‘Schweinsteiger’.


“He’s at Man Utd now but years ago he was a superstar and they said we could get him.


“The idea of accepting the bid for Milner, for £15m, which was a lot of money then…but if we are looking to get Schweinsteiger, it’s a no-brainer!.


“After he’d (James Milner) signed for them (Aston Villa), the day after we (Newcastle) are ‘trying’ to sign Schweinsteiger, the answer was absolutely no chance because it will cost you £50m if you want to buy Schweinsteiger.


“So we ended up with no one to replace him.”





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ITK tbh. I genuinely hadn't read that in The Mag btw.


No, i don't think it's any sort of scoop.


I added it to the Mike Ashley compendium of Contradictions back in 2010, based on stories that came from the "Club Insider" and The People and what you were saying.




IIRC you were pretty unequivocal at the time it was the club (Ashley/Wise/Llambias) that promised Schweinsteiger and reneged, not that Keegan was coming up with mad unacheivable names he could never get in.  Think it's the first time I've seen anyone officially corroborate that on the record though.

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