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Worth noting that the likes of George Floyd won't show up on that graph, he wasn't shot to death by police, he was suffocated by them and he isn't the only one. There's a reason "I can't breathe" has

Iirc the cases he’s bringing against these states won’t go to the Federal Supreme Court but those states Supreme Court. The most that would happen from that is perhaps a recount, as it’s complete fuck

They are simultaneously too ineffective to stop Trump when he succeeds and too powerful to overcome whenever he fails to deliver. Just like "antifa", which are both a terrifying scourge that law enfor

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19 minutes ago, ewerk said:

The dumb fuck is currently on Marr unable to say if he knows how much no deal would hit the economy by or even if such a forecast has been created. Truly a Titan of British politics.

No doubt getting an easy ride from that gormless cunt too 

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:lol: It’s fucking bonkers so many are just falling in line and believing him on this. Hillary Clinton literally called him out for this type of shite 4 years ago after claiming the places he lost in the primaries were fraudulent:



He then did exactly the same thing regarding the popular vote in that election, spent 4 years in power and did nothing to address it (other than have his team set up a voting fraud task force, which was disbanded after finding nothing), and is doing it again. 

Lad I was on about the other day called me naive for suggesting I didn’t think there was voting fraud, then when I said ok well if there is voting fraud happening it’s occurring on both sides, and highly unlikely to tip the scales of the overall election, he completely disagreed :lol:.

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Imagine taking the call at Four Seasons Total Landscaping and trying to confirm the booking with a straight face.

“Yes, sure. We can do that. We’ve got just the  spot for the international broadcast. You can use our garage door as a backdrop and the cameras can set up in the adult book store car lot.” 

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