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Iirc the cases he’s bringing against these states won’t go to the Federal Supreme Court but those states Supreme Court. The most that would happen from that is perhaps a recount, as it’s complete fuck

Worth noting that the likes of George Floyd won't show up on that graph, he wasn't shot to death by police, he was suffocated by them and he isn't the only one. There's a reason "I can't breathe" has

They are simultaneously too ineffective to stop Trump when he succeeds and too powerful to overcome whenever he fails to deliver. Just like "antifa", which are both a terrifying scourge that law enfor

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53 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

What a baby


It's more calculating than that though, he knows precisely what he's doing. This time round though it's not working on anyone other than his base. As an aside I think he's being held to account far more effectively than Johnson is during the pandemic. His answers expose him as the fuckin grifter he truly is but he's sat there answering tricky questions (even before the election campaign) in a way that Johnson never, ever does. 

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  • Andrew changed the title to President Biden

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