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Toontastic end of year awards 2016

Dr Gloom

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I've been rubbish at posting recently so thanks for the votes chaps (not that you have many choices :lol: ) I still read and keep up but life gets in the way of loafing like I used to! Consider me as the disapproving mother, watching from a distance ready to smack your legs when you think you're getting away with using that word (Gemmill  :glare: )


Anyway, I still post more than CT, just.

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Funniest: HMHM & Gemmil

Favorite thread: Paul Dummet

Best new contributer: Rayvin

Nemesis: Toonotl

Biggest Miss: Stevie

Biggest racist left: Renton

Considerably richer than you-est: Chez

Renton is going to be incandescent when he reads this. :starwars:

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It's called being a great all rounder Parky. You get overlooked at the end of season awards but everyone knows you're the engine room.



Gloom too he puts a lot of work into GC....Some of it might be termed counter productive but he has potential to reach master level. :D

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Best Music Poster: Alex, Chex, Sammy.

Theon Greyjoy award: Fish

Best Debate Poster: HF

Most clean kills: Gemmill

PTSD award: Renton

Dirtiest tit stroking cum juggled: MF

Best Football Poster: Stevie

Leazes Cup: Gleazes and Reazes

Most groomed poster: Rayvin

Most missed poster: KSA and Sofa behind door poster.

Best Political Poster: NorthernSoul/HF

Best stalker: Kitman/Aimaad 22

Best Beer Poster: Tooj

Best Lighten the Mood thread is going South Poster: Meenzer.







The term you're looking for is avid reader :finger:

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- best all round poster (football): Tooj (he likes Iniesta)/Fish (bite me)/ewerk

- best all round poster (general): HF/Rayvin/Alex


- best poster in 2 lines or less: Ant

- funniest poster: Fish (Gemmill/HMHM prior to the Dummett thread)

- best fact checker: HF

- most likely to be rounded up by the CIA: Parky


- most likely to be rounded up by jihadists: Renton, Chez


- most likely to be rounded up by jihadists and the CIA: Parky


- biggest hipster wanker: Gloom, Straightedge Wizard


- best user of spoiler tags: MF

- most missed former poster: Gejon


- Better tweeter than poster: Tom

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we haven't done one of these for a while. stop me if i've missed a category, and get your nominations in


- best all round poster (football) Fish


- best all round poster (general) Gemmil


- funniest poster Gemmil


- most thought provoking thread starter Fish


- poster you'd most like to go for a beer with Gemmil


- poster you'd most like to slap in the face with a wet fish Renton


- thickest skin Fish


- thinnest skin Stevie


- best fact checker Alex


- most likely to end up in an insane asylum Parky


- biggest hipster wanker Alex/Tooj


- most sanctimonious Renton


- most missed former poster ASM


- the leazesmag award for the poster most likely to start an argument with him/herself Me


- best female poster Cath [\quote]

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