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FA Cup 3rd Round - Birmingham City v Newcastle


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Started, but wish the thread was more abusive.  It's no coincidence this slump started when the PC brigade kicked off about this!


NUFC To Score
0 - sammynb, TheGingerQuiff, @yourservice
1 - aimaad22, David Kelly, wykikitoon, Kevin Carr's Gloves
2 - The Fish, StoneColdStephenIreland, Rayvin, OTF, tooner, Anorthernsoul, Holden McGroin, strawb, Ant, acrossthepond, zico martin, LooneyToony, barnabox, Tom, Kitman, ewerk
3 - Dr Gloom, Howay, Andrew
4+ - ohhh_yeah, scoobos, Jintsay
NUFC To Concede
0 - StoneColdStephenIreland, Dr Gloom, Howay, Anorthernsoul, Holden McGroin, strawb, Ant, Kevin Carr's Gloves, zico martin, scoobos, Tom, Kitman, Andrew, ewerk
1 - aimaad22, The Fish, Rayvin, OTF, David Kelly, tooner, wykikitoon, ohhh_yeah, acrossthepond, LooneyToony, barnabox, Jintsay
2 - @yourservice
3 - 
4+ - sammynb, TheGingerQuiff
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HF has gone mad with Power.


If we don't beat Birmingham now, the fault lies at his feet alone. Either Wykiki's or my thread guaranteed success, but with HF's interference we're running the risk of fucking this one up.

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Think we'll beat these 3-0, I don't think Zola is a good enough manager to figure out a way to set his side up to frustrate one with the best striker in the league. I'm not that arsed about winning this anyway as the better sides take the FA cup seriously so it's not one I see us having any chance winning currently.

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May as well get out as soon as promotion is more important

They're not mutually exclusive though. For this club to sack off the FA Cup for another season would be maddening. Especially when we're still comfortably on track for promotion and while the last few games haven't been great, we haven't plunged down the league. We remain odds on for the title, let alone finishing in the automatic spots. Benitez will strengthen in January and his teams traditionally finish the season strongly.


Honestly can everyone stop panicking?!

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The stakes are higher than they've been in some time, I think that's what is unnerving. Benitez feels like the last shot we get for some time, in terms of successfully building for the future. I can see where Troops is coming from even if we don't need to panic at this point.

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