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Newcastle United vs Rotherham

Prediction bollocks  

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NUFC to Score
0 - 
1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves
2 - wykikitoon, tooner, barnabox, zicomartin, OTF, LooneyToony, scoobos, Kitman, Holden McGroin, acrossthepond
3 - Andrew, Rayvin, The Fish, David Kelly, Howay, strawb, Dougle, Anorthernsoul, ewerk, Ant, sammynb, Dr Gloom, @yourservice
4+ - Happy Face, rogerbarton, aimaad22, StoneColdStephenIreland, Tom, ohhh_yeah
NUFC to Concede
0 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, Happy Face, Rayvin, The Fish, David Kelly, rogerbarton, aimaad22, Howay, strawb, wykikitoon, StoneColdStephenIreland, tooner, barnabox, zicomartin, Dougle, OTF, LooneyToony, Tom, scoobos, Anorthernsoul, ewerk, Kitman, Ant, sammynb, Holden McGroin, Dr Gloom, acrossthepond
1 - Andrew, @yourservice, ohhh_yeah
2 - 
3 - 
4+ - 
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Top Posters In This Topic

No significant weaknesses :D

I like the look of Rotherham's weaknesses;


Defending the wings, defending through balls, defending against skillful players, defending against long shots, defending counter attacks, defending set pieces, defending, defending, defending.


Especially when stacked up against our strengths;

Attacking down the wings, attacking with through balls, attacking through long shots, attacking through set pieces, attacking, attacking, attacking.

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Think this might be a frustrating one tbh, they're going to sit so deep with an entire team behind the ball putting all the onus on us to find our way through it, there will be no room in behind to speak of.


Ironically that would be more of a problem if Gayle was fit and starting, but Murphy (I presume) will be looking to get onto the end of crosses from Ritchie, Shelvey etc. They apparently give away quite a few free kicks in dangerous areas and can't defend set-pieces :lol:


An early goal would mean they'd have to push out a bit, at that point I trust Shelvey to find runners with searching balls into the pockets of space they leave.

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Aye centre backs going into a blind panic anytime the ball approaches the box doesn't really show up on statistics.


I'm going with 3-0, we did struggle to break these down last time mind but I do agree with Fish that we might actually fare better with a big lump up front.

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