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Sponsorship speculation

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Am I just not seeing a thread about sponsorship speculation or just not bothered?


I've seen wishful thinking articles speculating a return of the blue star, but I doubt we'll see that for some reason. Glad to see the Wonga era end, but concerned we'll see something more ridiculous or offensive. So what do you think? Another payday lender? A betting site? A sketchy dating app? A line of indecipherable Arabic or Chinese characters? SportsDirect?


Also saw a howler in the paper that we're after Rooney in the summer.

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It can't get any worse than Wonga, let's be honest, unless it's another payday loans lender who charge an even more obscene amount of interest. Ashley will just flog it to anyone willing to line his pockets though. I'd be surprised if it were with any kind of positive brand.

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Apparently he wasn't allowed but now the rules have changed




Well not really - that rule change is just that PL teams will be able to sport a secondary sponsor on their sleeves. Since this would be likely to raise a relatively insignificant amount of money, it's likely Ashley could see it as a way to flog it like he has done around the stadium.

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It'll be Sports Direct he's missed a years worth of free advertising he (Puma) already makes the shirts he might as well have a bleeding big SD sign on them.

Puma is owned by the French group Kering, Ashley doesn't have anything to do with them as far as I know, bar stocking their brand in his shops and the current kit deal for NUFC.


I'd like to see various local charities on the shirts, it could change each season. But there is more chance of finding hitler riding shergar on the moon than the club turning down sponsorship money.

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Can you take that joke back to the British Museum when you're finished with it please?







I thought Ashley owned stock in Puma, in the region of 15%, but computer says no.


Maybe he held some for a short time?

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