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NUFC - Premier League 2017/18

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A poll should be added once the transfer window has closed and we know what are squad is and who our manager is for the new season.


If all goes according to plan, I think we could end up in the top 10. If it doesn't, it could be another relegation battle.

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From the Leeds forum WACCOE 



Promotion is wasted on some clubs.

Newcastle fans are not the worst mind. I don't mind them. Their problem is they know exactly what they are letting themselves in for next season, and beyond. Eight months of scrambling enough points just to stay up, and then if you 'succeed' to try and do it all over again. Actually winning trophies like the FA Cup would only complicate matters. So they will lose at home to Wolves in the fourth round next January in front of a half-empty stadium. Rinse and repeat.

Newcastle's 'ceiling' is mid-table in the Premier League, their 'floor' is pushing for promotion in the Championship.

I wouldn't swop places with Newcastle for all the coal in the north-east. Our floor, as we have seen is much, much lower than theirs but our ceiling is historically higher.

Following Leeds is a roller-coaster, too much so at times, but we can scale heights that tin-pot clubs like Huddersfield, Fulham and Reading can never reach. We should never forget that. They know it as well.


:lol; :lol:

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I don't see any potential in Leeds these days, just another backwater Yorkshire team with big mouthing fans and a fucking shit Stadium.


They're the epitome of a mid table championship club & I can't see that changing any time soon.

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their stadium is horrendous like. i have no idea why they think their ceiling is higher. probably because they won a title in living memory and finished higher int he champions league than we have managed. historically there's no competition though.

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