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Who do you reckon we'll sell, and how much will we get for them?


de Jong - £5m

Saivet - £3m

Riviere - £1.5m

Satka - £0

Toney - £0.5m

Armstrong? - £1.5m

Vuckic - £0.25m


Sels - £4m

Haidara - £1m

Gamez -£0m

Good - £0m

Hanley? - £3m

Colback - £4m

Anita - £0m

Ameobi - £3m

Gouffran - £0m

Aarons? - £1m

Murphy - £1m


transfermarkt puts their respective market values as above. I've adjusted a few because of their age, contract status or performances (all negatively).


Returns about £28m


None of them are first team, and few should even get in the squad.


That'd do, right?

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Is Gouffran really a million times more valuable than Satka?



I think Gloom is right tbh, they might rate Colback at 4m and De Jong at 5m but I can't see either fetching anywhere near those amounts. I'd hang on to Armstrong, he's done okay on loan in the Championship and could develop into a decent poacher, maybe he wont but I doubt we'd get enough for him now that it wouldn't be worth the risk.


I can see Anita being kept on as a squad player and getting a new deal although I'm hoping he doesn't. Sammy is in the 500k range imo. I think Sels will end up back in Belgium for 2m or so.

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No point in selling Aarons for £1m, he's on low wages so may as well persevere with him

Aye, he's similar to Armstrong for me in that they both have potential and are on low enough wages that it's worth the risk of not getting whatever low amount we'd get for them just to keep them in the hope that they can make it (or resolve their injury problems in Aarons case).

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Aye, I'd like to see how Rafa's team manage his injury proneness before giving up on him.


The incident in the nightclub worries me though, as it might indicate an inability to manage his injuries professionally.

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Aye, it's a shame nobody has bought a bad player before. 


We'll sell players, we might not get their full "value", but I'm confident that if Rafa gets his way there'll be plenty of changes. I can't see the likes of Toney, Murphy, Sels and de Jong being happy playing reserve football until their contracts run out.


There'll be teams interested, and some of those teams will be willing to pay a reasonable sum, and some of those will be fancied by the players.

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They'll be plenty of outgoings. Just don't expect us to get £30m for that dross. You'd have to be a mug to pay £4m on colback or saviet




I think we could get a few million for them both. Colback would seem a good signing for the majority of the Championship sides. Saivet I dunno, I've no idea how he's done on his loan spell, but stranger things have happened.

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Why would Colback leave for a Championship side anyway when he's got two years left on his contract? He's probably on about £40k with him being signed as a free agent.

If Norwich offer him 34k pw and first team football, he'd have that over 40k and never seeing anything more exciting than the Northumberland Seniors Cup semi final

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