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History says not. 

I bet that line works with all the girls.

Get rid of this liking and reputation shit.

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2 hours ago, NJS said:

Very minor quibble - in dark mode when you're in a thread the "go to topic listing" button is grey on white and hard to spot unless you have sharp contrast. It's okay on my phone but a bit iffy on my tablet and PC. 

aye no worries ill make it darker


edit > should be done now and a bit heavier

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sadly this is the easier of the work I need to do, rest will have to wait till i get some leave which will probably be post Jan 1st, or when all the stuff is on the news about lorries being stuck at ports and food not coming into N.Ireland might have a bit more time :lol: 

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16 hours ago, Rayvin said:

There's also a link right at the bottom of the page that says "Mark forum as read" in you're in one of the index areas. 


New site looks cool Ant, nice one.


And yes, the new site does look cool.  Thanks Ant.

Edited by RobinRobin
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