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The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

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Can we just get something clear. Toontastic.net isn't like these other forums where you can just waltz in and suddenly make friends with people. We're snobby, rather perpetual and overall cliquey. 

Aye cheers man, may as well sack the chemo off now

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The Mangala link seems to be the patented late-window bullshit signing that Ashley and co have perfected over the past few years. A player we can't afford in a position we don't need. We'll put in some pretend bids and then blame City for not wanting to release him with 5 minutes left in the window, and then the moaning will begin about how we can't compete with sovereign nations. 

We're 3 points off the bottom of the league, never mind the bottom 3. I could understand if we were in the same position as when we signed Luuk de Jong while Carver was in charge, and Fat Mike thinks we'll stop up without spending anything just on the strength of our early season results and a decent if unmotivated squad. But this time we're a win off the bottom, our squad is dire, and Benitez is keeping us above water (barely) pretty much alone. With McClaren, Pulis, Pardew, Steve Bruce, or Hughes, we would be dead last and completely cut adrift.

I think we might be truly fucked this time. Last relegation was avoidable, this one seems inevitable. 

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It could have been avoided this time of the fat cunt had just signed two or three new players instead of one of Chelsea’s reserves. I’ve said but if we stay up with this squad after all the teams around us are investing, it’ll be the greatest achievement of rafa’s Career 

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21 minutes ago, Noelie said:

Last day.

Last throw of the dice.

How many of us are resigned to getting nobody, but still desperately hoping we will?

If Stoke and Brighton both get a win or a draw on Wedneday, and we lose to Burnley, we'll be in the bottom 3.


17th in that scenario rather than bottom 3, but sinking inevitably closer.

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7 hours ago, Anorthernsoul said:

Just seen that Man City signed a defender for £60 million earlier and barely an eyelid flinched, meanwhile we are scrapping about for out of favour players on shitty loan deals :lol:


Same league, different planet.


Oh but don't forget about the trickle down effect 

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Rafa letting us all know he was on the phone to Ashley yesterday morning regarding transfers. What a 24 carat bastard making a man of Rafa's calibre virtually beg him to get more players today.

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