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The final figures have been totted up for live TV audiences in the Championship for the 2016/17 season.


All 46 rounds of matches in the regular season – so which games proved most popular?

The top seven ratings all involved Newcastle United, with the 2-0 win at Leeds in November at the very top, watched by 826,000.

Runner up was the clash of the top two at the end of February, with 705,000 tuning in.

In third spot it was the rematch of Newcastle and Leeds at St James Park, 673,000 watching that one.

Promotion night against Preston, in the second last home match of the season, only crept in at number nine.

Whilst the last gasp title winning day at St James Park against Barnsley was ditched by Sky Sports in favour of the relegation battle – would have been interesting to see how many would have tuned into that.


Aston Villa v Leeds was the only one to break Newcastle’s perfect 10, attracting 508,000 and picking up eighth spot.

Whilst Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds matched the 444,000 that switched on for Forest v Newcastle in 10th place.

Newcastle United dominated when it came to fans putting bums on seats at St James Park and the live TV audiences were just as clear cut.


2016/17 highest live TV audiences in the Championship recorded by BARB as reported by The Star:

Leeds v Newcastle 826,000
Brighton v Newcastle 705,000
Newcastle v Leeds 673,000
Newcastle v Sheffield Wednesday 598,000
Blackburn v Newcastle 584,000
Fulham v Newcastle 531,000
Aston Villa v Newcastle 524,000
Aston Villa v Leeds 508,000
Newcastle v Preston 483,000
Forest v Newcastle 444,000/Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds 444,000



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80 + million in TV & Commerce money.  We've all read and seen figures close to that, but to actually see it in Quiff's post makes you shake your head.  There is absolutely no excuse for any Premier League club not to put out a half decent squad.  What a racket for those teams always near the bottom, and those are usually smaller club's with much lower overhead.  Shameful.

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