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Kids passport application

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Fuck me, it's like the Krypton Factor trying to get this done.


I've read the 6 pages of instructions multiple times and still cant figure out if I'm supposed to be sending our passports/marriage certificate/birth certificate/grandparents birth certificate. It's clear as mud as to whether I need to send none of them, some of them or all of them. 


Then it tells me that if Im born after 1982 I definitely need to include grandparents details. My heads that mashed I cant even figure out if "after 1982" means 1981 or 1983 :lol:

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I've seen that now. Unfortunately they don't give that as an option when you apply online and I've paid £50 now!


As an added bonus either the bairns being playing with my passport or the wife has "put it somewhere safe" as it's disappeared off the desk and is nowhere to be found

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