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Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

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Richards is decent because he actually looks like he wants to be there. I seldom look for wisdom from pundits anyway so this makes a difference.

Contrast that to Danny Murphy or Mark Lawrenson who look like they should be on suicide watch. It’s just depressing watching them.

Most other pundits, Taylor, Nicholson, Le Tissier rarely offer any insight and are so biased to teams they like it’s pointless having them on. 

Same goes for Ferdinand or Owen. 

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Today just a year ago I was making the dream of my life come true and I was able to meet you   (Yes... I was the first to enter the stadium)  

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Exactly. A pundit actually seeming like they are excited to be there, and about football in general, is half the battle as far as I'm concerned. Richard's comments about the unfair questioning, and some direct abuse no doubt, online of why he was hired proved how committed and passionate he is about his job. Either that or he's a damn fine actor.

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59 minutes ago, Kitman said:

Is Lawrenson still working :lol:  He clearly lost interest in football years ago

:lol: I just imagine he spends his time hanging about his utility room on the back of the house wearing a slightly undersized shirt waiting until his neighbor goes into the garden, then as soon as his neighbor is 4 steps into the garden he bursts out the door

”eeee y’alright Dave, D’ya believe the weather”

an under the breath fuckin hell from Dave before “how’s it going Mark, yeah nice weather, anyway mate I’m a bit busy....”

”tis isn’t it, anyhoo I’ve been noticing you’ve been planting some things near the fence and I just want you to know you might be infringing on my property the way they hang over the fence, not my complaint Dave! You know me, never a problem, haha no it’s her in doors was mentioning it while we watched our soaps on the telly”


basically I reckon he’s a cunt. 

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On 25.9.2020 at 13:25, Billy Whitehurst said:

Very harsh on Orient. They agreed to be tested (even though they didn’t have to) and then lose out because of it. Not sure if it they have had to forgo any TV revenue but that will be even harsher.

On the other hand, Edwards is an Orient fan...




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On 28/08/2020 at 15:00, Kid Dynamite said:

Rumours are Alex Scott and Micah Richards. The gammons are screaming it’s positive discrimination but the reality is they are both young, ex footballers who do bit of research before a game and know what they are talking about.

Le Tissier has been asking for the sack all year with the shite he spreads on social media 

They’ve got Merson, McCoist and Sherwood on today. Damn you PC brigade!

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