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Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER


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20 hours ago, Howay said:


:lol: I am warming to the idea he’s just trolling people now. 

Careful what you say. He’s double nails.



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2 hours ago, Gemmill said:

Villa need to pay their wage bill somehow I suppose. Cos they don't look like covering it by moving up the league. 


What a fucking shocker that Everton join them at the summit of the only league table they've got a cat in hell's chance of topping!

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Aye I mean, ours isn't that low tbh :lol:


Would have raised some eyebrows if they'd put it up I think. I thought Ashley had been locking prices in place for years?

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Bale spotted at Cardiff’s training ground today. Some suggesting if it comes off it’ll be the biggest coup by a 2nd tier team since we signed Keegan 40 years ago.


How the fuck is that 40 years ago!? :blink:

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41 minutes ago, Meenzer said:

And they say grey is an unflattering colour.



Back in preseason Thursday. 


'now lads that's enough for now take a few days off........ Ooo what's that cheesy chips you say' 

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