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Newcastle United: Mike Ashley puts Premier League club up for sale

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I've spent many a workday researching CHAPS.

I don’t know Callum.  But you weren’t arsed when it came to your own website (https://realcombatmedia.com), with its in depth coverage of Joshua vs Ruiz II so why are you arsed now? Fuck off

I think it's fair to say that the journalists aren't winning hearts and minds from our lot on this.   We're going to have a club-wide siege mentality at this rate. As Strawb says, thick skin

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12 minutes ago, t00nraider2 said:

Takeover decision to be made one Bein contract expires.

Yiz playin pool n yiz snookad, can yiz play the jump shot? ( hitting cue baal awwa anuntha baal te hit ya cullad baal)?


Yes ah nah?

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Amazon online store launched in KSA last month. Could they buy the PL rights to broadcast in KSA until the MENA region deal goes to tender next year? BEIN aren't gifting the deal to KSA and are compensated, PL get to build relationship with Amazon and have their product in KSA, Amazon get to build their profile in a new market and develop their live sport streaming profile, Steve Bruce is fired and I can stop coming with new ways to show how he's a useless skidmark, and you lot don't have to read them?


Win, win, win,win, WIN.

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:lol::lol::lol: So the Premier League got exactly what they wanted. 

Think that’s me done with football like. What’s the fucking point of watching a football club whose owner has took the absolute piss for 13 years and had actually sold the fucking club, imagine his apathy now? On top of that I’m not watching a brand that is literally telling us we’re going to be shite, they just sat on this deal and frustrated until this happened purely to keep the Liverpool, Man Utd etc wankfest club going. Sorry like this is a complete joke. 

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£17m and he still keeps his 'asset'. Never fancied the idea of these owning us but definitely fancied being able to challenge and, gasp, maybe win a cup or three. We're not allowed nice things.  

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£35mil to add to the shit show of this season. ASM will be off once we get a decent bid. 

Gayle, Joelinton, Carroll and a Bournemouth cast off up front next season. Wouldn’t be surprised if the crowds drop below 35k

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