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What are your regrets?

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Missing  a ferry from Russia to Finland and missing out on Christmas with my Finnish girlfriend at the time...(She went to study in America the year after that)...


Missing two interviews at the Foreign Office (known stepping stone to Bond activities)...


Getting stage fright at my RADA audition. :o

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Obvious one, but I regret dicking about at high school and Uni. Could have left a good Uni with a good degree in something I cared about.    Regret not going to a better school when I was sm

not travelling the world more before being sucked into a conventional life of work/supporting a family.paying bills etc

It'd have been easier for you just to say 'kids'.

Not getting fit a lot sooner when I was living in places that would have been awesome for runsploring

Not knowing about the other gay in the village until 15 years after we left school


Not becoming a BTL slumlord in the glory days of 120% mortgages


Long hair


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