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Ayatollah Hermione

Nintendo Switch

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23 hours ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

Also, I'm not sure how far it is along, and I think Nintendo might have had a work-around in the newer Switch hardware, but the homebrew/modding scene is rife and a piece of piss to sort out so there's every chance there's homebrew browser apps you can install, though you run the risk of getting a banned account.


if it was for me i'd 100% do that same like i did on the wii but for the wee fella it's not worth the hassle, and tbh I thought about getting one purely for zelda, but i wouldn't get the use of it tbh , especially as a mobile/on the go console.


The tablet he has is grim despite being a pricey samsung one at the time, only 3-4 years old and stuck on android 4.0.1 where you can use sd cards but can't install apps to it so it;s pointless, no firmware/android updates for it available anywhere, the xda forums are just filled with people complaining about how they basically abandoned those models after promising to bring out 6.0 android updates for it at launch



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13 hours ago, Andrew said:

Youtubes just been made available on the switch @Ant


ooo cheers! that might swing it a little, is it a bespoke app or the standard one that can cast etc? 


Still thinking a tablet is going to win overall but that's a big box checked for what he does most

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Getting one for my boy’s birthday. Definitely just for him. Not that I want one. Thinking of getting Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey and either Fifa or smash bros.

Good shout to start off with or should I be looking at Zelda or Mario Party instead? Or something else?

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Zelda is one of the best games I've ever played, preferred it to Mario Odyssey (though they are different they're definitely the big titles) by a long way.


Can't really go wrong with MK, its a safe bet.


Smash is brilliant but not necessarily as a solo experience, same for Mario Party, they're definitely games whose best comes with multiplayer.


Fifa is as it has always been.

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