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Wenger out bruv vs NUFC

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While getting beat 1-0 is the same result as getting beat 5-0, I actually came out of that thinking we could easily get the points we need if we play like we did second half. The goal was a moment of genuine quality that you can't whinge too much about. He'd have scored that goal past Man City, never mind us but we limited them pretty well. Other than that mental chip Lacazette tried, I can't remember them breaking our lines or forcing Elliott into decent saves and, it's clear now, you can put that all down to Lascelles coming back in. I thought he was excellent yesterday. Never missed a header, was stepping out to deal with danger well and continued to look a threat from set-pieces (on the odd occasion we actually put the ball in the box). I think, last 20 minutes, we genuinely had them rattled. All it needed was for Ritchie to connect with his effort better, Perez to steer his header on target, Cech done well to parry Murphy's shot away from Joselu. Basically, that terrible combination of luck and lack of quality that plagued us on Wednesday night. 


As it stands though, it's clear that we're in that dodgy middle ground between being too good for the Championship and not good enough for the Premier League. You can get away with a few players who are adapting to the leap in quality when you have 4-5 experienced heads guiding the team along. Unfortunately for us, we basically have a team full of them and they're learning pretty sharpish that one fuck-up or one moment of quality is enough to completely undo the organisation and game plan you have. I think this is a side working their bollocks off for the manager who, while not free from criticism (some of his subs especially), is probably getting the best out of them. You can see that he can expose weaknesses in the teams we play and the personnel are doing exactly what he's telling them to, they just don't have the consistent quality to pull it off.

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