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Horizon Zero Dawn

Monkeys Fist

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Horizon Zero Dawn. 


I’ve recently played Fallout 4, Assassins Creed Origins, Witcher 3, you get the picture. 

I’m tempted to say that this game is at least the equal of, and in many respects better than, them all. 

In terms of the World it’s in, scale and sheer beauty, it beats them all. 

When it comes to difficulty, and appropriate scaling through the levels, it’s (so far), a clear winner.  I’m currently around L28ish and have yet to hit a mission that’s been a walkover. 

When it comes to modification ( of weaponry, armour, skills), it’s all pretty relevant- you’re not presented with a ridiculous skill tree to waste points on, it’s all pretty practical, the weaponry is fairly basic with a manageable amount of upgrading, same with the armour/costume upgrading. 

I love the modding available on FO4, but this doesn’t even attempt to compete with that… as a base game though, it’s got it spot on. 

Story wise, which is not usually a major thing for me, it’s been varied and engaging so far. 

I’ve not seen anyone mention it on here yet, so I thought I’d pitch in and recommend it. 

It’s a feckin good game.

It’s one of the rare games that I’ve bought the DLC for well before being anywhere near finishing the main game. 

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It's brilliant but after finishing it I wasn't tempted to go and get the Platinum trophy simply because the endgame isn't padded out enough. The ultra rare mods aren't powerful enough to make it worth my while and there's literally nothing else to try and get.


Loved it other than that. Plot and narrative was incredibly gripping.

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We got a PS4 recently and are working our way through the exclusive catalogue that interests Mrs A and I.


She went for Horizon, I was in for Bloodborne, I hadn't planned to play this for a while since she was doing but watching her play got my attention.


This game is fucking outstanding, I'm not even that far in (just done the proving for any who have played it) and its blowing me away.

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It’s good isn’t it? 

My nipper started it last week, and I’m tempted to have another run-through myself. 

Talking of PS4 exclusives, I got The Last Of Us Remastered for £10 the other week- not sure if you’ve played it, but it’s a belter. 

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It’s really good, so long as you don’t mind being a ginger bint :D


$20 for the whole thing is a steal. 


Edit; Rather than wait until completing the main game before doing the Frozen Wilds dlc, get to level 30, do the dlc, then finish the main game. 

Gives you some super duper bows for the final bits. 

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Finished the frozen wilds last night, I've already finished the main game so I'm not re-running the last mission but I can see how FW would make it really easy to finish that last mission, I was OP for it before the DLC, nevermind now.


One of the best games I've played this though, Aloy is a brilliant protagonist, really well written, the NPCs are all pretty decent too, it looks great, its well made, combats good and the voice acting is top notch.


Absolute gem of a game.

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