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Internet Service Providers

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1 hour ago, Gemmill said:

Pretty sure you were told at the time that Talk Talk were brutal. Another case of asking advice and ignoring it. 


In short, I'm pleased that you've had a terrible experience with them. 


I think at the time you were talking me out of BT because they were giving you shit. Its YOUR FAULT!!!!!

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2 hours ago, Gemmill said:

Back to BT then. :lol:


Well I haven’t picked yet but I never had any problems with BT and going with them would take care of my £150.00 termination fee.


Other than your set up fiasco have you had problems with BT?


What I don’t understand is that (like electric or gas), they mostly all use the same infrastructure so actual end use should not very greatly between the likes of infinity 2 or Sky Max.


Judging by google, my issues seem to revolve around talk-talks shit router which drops WiFi.

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