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Cheers all. Was a brilliant day and the honeymoon was class too. Mrs Fish's hangover was so bad I was honestly worried we might not make the trains, planes and automobiles needed to get us there, but

Congratulations Dave, you bald cunt. Glad to hear it went well and you had a good honeymoon.    Pretty fucking ostentatious way to prove you've got a girlfriend though. 

You’ll find us outside forcing the father of the bride to drink brandy and smoke cigars. Even though he’s a teetotal asthmatic.

20 hours ago, TheGingerQuiff said:

Don't do a speech.


19 hours ago, Ant said:


@Meenzer please video the speech for our consumption :lol: 


(if you're going obviously, if you're not then this is awkward and will do for the entertainment instead)


19 hours ago, Meenzer said:

:lol: I'm going, aye. As if Dave won't be selfie-ing his own speech anyway.



The more distant of her relatives who've never met him, looking at each other, eyebrows raised to defcon level 1 when the Fish gives his speech. :D

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1 hour ago, ewerk said:

I bet he wears a kilt. Not because of any Scottish connection just because he’s him.



"David, why do we have to link arms taking a sip of whiskey whilst standing in between two crossed swords on the floor?"


"Honestly, darling, don't worry it'll look great in the album..... DON'T LOOK AT THE CAMERA! Natural look, babes, natural look!"

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