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Salami's sausage-shaking survival specialists V Southampton

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Hoping for a cured salami soon

give it giggsy till the end of the season

Knew would shit em. Don’t any other cunt start a match thread until the end of the season. I’m on a run so hot, I’m smoking.

2 minutes ago, Noelie said:

To be honest, I wouldn't be too surprised if we shot ourselves in the foot again with Southampton.  We have a track record of not winning games we should have.

i'm shocked - shocked, i tell thee!

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35 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

Hopefully Slimani starts and gives us something for the ball to stick to up top. Wouldn't mind seeing Perez start since he seems to be a good luck omen at the minute in terms of us getting points when he starts. Redmond and Long are the kind of players who could (and have) give us a dodgy afternoon if we let them though.


Think he’s still out for this one

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Got sent this - for info




Scott Westgarth is the boxer who recently died tragically following his fight in Doncaster. Scott was a massive Newcastle United supporter and I wondered if the supporters forum could get the word out to organise a round of applause at the Southampton game, on the 31st min (Scott’s age).

I know he would have loved to have been recognised in this way by his fellow geordies and I’m sure it will give comfort to his family.

Yours in football

Mick - SWFC fan and one of the trainers of Scott



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