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Where's SLP's Latest Rumour?


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Well Ok then, I'll have to tell you a true story that happened to me today.


I was walking past SJP when I saw Freddie Shepherd shaking hands with none other than Otmar Hitzfeld. There were smiles all round when I noticed two of these were smiles were on the faces of Thierry Henry and John Terry. Then I heard Bobby Robson saying he was honoured to being made club president, and how the £10 billion pounds the mysterious Geordie altruist had invested into the club would go to superb use, including comfy seats and free beer for life for all ST holders. Etc, etc.....



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:lol: You see, and to think people think you're a miserable bastard. Shame on them.


Isn't the whole point to Renton that he is a miserbale bastard though? :unsure:

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Freddie's meant to be a huckle like, can you confirm this is the case Leazes?



Would that be with the benefit of foresight or hindsight? :lol:



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I heard a rumour that Souness got stuck in a lift. Only a silly twat would do that :unsure:



It's all the rage now don't you know. Jennifer Anniston was photographed in Heat doing it.


Hey, I've got a rumour...






Could this be a reason why one of our players was sold by our manager in the summer, because he alledgedly isn't a "man's man"? :lol:

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