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Job loss shocker!

Smooth Operator

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A lad I work with has just told me what has happened to his brother, he works somewhere in North Shields, not sure what the job is exactly but anyway he had his yearly report done and got a glowing one, so on his way out of the office the boss told him he could help himself to some wine as a reward, he took 5 bottles. The same thing was said to another 10 employees who took varying amounts of wine as they were just told they could take some too.


A few days later he received a letter inviting him to a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct. He attended where they proceeded to show him CCTV footage of him helping himself to the wine. He was told he was dismissed and asked to step into an ajoining room. He did so in shock and was greeted by the police who escorted him to the station where he was fingerprinted, charged with theft and detained. The same thing happened to the other 10 people.


The boss who had said help yourself to some wine is now denying they said it and if off work with stress convieniently enough!


Fortunately the police have seen the connection between the 11 people and have advised it i highly unlikely they'll be prosecuted.


What a fucking joke! I'd be sueing the bastard if it was me like.

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They should go to a Solicitor IMMEDIATELY and get a writ served for Unfair Dismissal, conspiracy, treason...( M'Lnd friends will advise)


This sort of shit needs stamping on immediately - I'm sure if their boss has a boss such a writ will bring a blinding light on the guilty party


I was on the edges of this sort of thing once and when the Solicitors letter came in thr Gods started an enquiry, realised they were up shit creek, fired the guilty and paid off the innocent within 48 hours

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Given the evidence of 11 people to one, surely the employees have an excellent case. The boss sounds like a propa cernt like.

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