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Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

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I feel sorry for Fish Jr.    Fish-“ I think the character progression between season 1 and 2 leaves a lot to be desired- what’s the motivation for him to keep returning to the garden,  and w

Dave man!

Hope you wiped the seat down, at least. 

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Aye my mate said that from what I told him about the film it seemed like they had done that.  It certainly felt like it should have been part of something longer.  It just seems to all of a sudden reach the end far too easily.  It's a shame when it's such a well loved saga that's taken so long to get to the screen. 

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I watched an oldie.

Rita, Sue and Bob, too.

I thought it were great.


I'm tempted to watch 'Kez' again.

Oldish film but well acted.

Gee oer Judd.

Duth tha want tha fist?


I'm tending to cast my mind back to the older films and trying to find them as they come to mind.



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On 8/22/2017 at 1:10 PM, The Fish said:

Dark Tower has been panned by fans of the books so it's not something I'm going to make a massive effort to watch.


never read the books, watched the trailer thought it looked entertaining enough, then read the comments below it, like you say a lot of book fans panning it, the vast majority cracking up that the gunslinger (Idris Elba) isn't white.

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Watched Born In China, superb footage which is breathtaking at times but the over dramatisation from the yank narrator is just far too much. Obviously it's by Disney so designed in that way but I can't help but feel with Attenborough on duties it would have been a lot easier to watch.

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Captain Underpants - loved it.  Really really funny.  Only 5 star film I've got in my list for 2017 so far.


Also saw it at the Jam Jar cinema in Whitley bay which is excellent if you're closer to the coast than the Tyneside cinema, can't stand the multiplex and don't mind waiting a few weeks after the release date.


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