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Profinisauras Fucky Dip


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skyagra n.


A quick flick through the satellite TV channels before bedtime, made by a middle-aged gentleman in search of something to boost his flagging sex-drive.


This is me most evenings, although I wouldn't say I had a flagging sex drive but she's going to bed earlier and earlier these days as the tiredness of pregnancy takes it's toll, selfish wench!

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I'm up to 'S' in the one at home. 'slag night' - a collection of female drinkers found in town centre bars.



I suggest you read the definitions more carefully to avoid future embarassment. :naughty:



Alright, alright! There's over 5,000 phrases in the fucker man, you can't remember them all!

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wind your watch


To commit a disgusting act of self delight upon one's generative member. From the similarity of a relaxing gentleman's hand movements to the characteristic rapid wrist flicks and rotations which must be performed in order to prime the mainspring of an automatic timepiece. 'What were you doing in there?' 'I was just winding my watch, love.' 'But your watch is at the mender.' 'I know. I meant having a wank.' ('Bamforth's Seaside Chu-ckles' postcard, by Donald McGill, 1933).



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xylophone v.


To move along a line of naked women who are all bending down, and spank their bottoms - which are of varying sizes - with one's penis; to play a tune on women's buttocks. From the Greek xylo meaning 'wood' and phonnicus meaning 'to hit tunefully.'

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