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Which part of Tyneside of you from?

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46 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

I live on island to the south east of the Faroe Islands. 

It’s nice enough, but the weather is shite. 


Are you that grumpy old twat that lives on the other side of Rockall from me?


Wi-Fi is shit here isn't it? 

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1 hour ago, Monkeys Fist said:

"Survivor's guide". :icon_lol:


Fucking cunts. I'd take the whole lot out with a flamethrower or chain gun. But no, that's illegal apparently.


One day monkey's fist is going to be bang raped by a possy of black backed butchers and is going to give birth to feathered monkey wrapped in eggshell. Painfully out his arse. Let's see whose laughing then. Me, that's who. 

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