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Seriously, as a long term West Ham supporter and distant admirer of everything Newcastle as so many people in the country are and have been for many many years WHEN ON EARTH is the big fellah FINALLY going to step aside let someone else take the reigns....assure rafa the money to support him in the market is there this summer get rafa on a long term contract and take this fantastic club forward feck sake.


Isn't it about time all the people of newcastle had a mid town sit down protest until the whole nasty business is sorted once and for all? He wouldn't get away with this in France, not that thats much of a yard stick to beat him with.


Up the toon



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This morning on Talk Sport i hear Rafa was offered the Spain job during the World Cup but turned it down, and too right this guy is not someones fill in or stop gap he should get a job like that permenant as the no 1 candidate or not at all. Steve Harmison is then saying Ashley won't spend any money until Rafa signs the contract in front of him and id heard rafa wont' sign any contract until he sees money being spent. Like i said to mah geordie mate this morning, any other chairman would say heres a 100mill lets bring the talent in lets look at europe and heres that contract you need to sign job done....Only poor old newcastle this nonsense can happen to.


Why oh why can't someone with some $ get in get this sorted out and we can see you back up in the top 6 and looking for trophies.


If us Irons did the right thing and bring Wellbeck in stop him drifitng away to everton its where were planning to be thats for, hopeful, sure.


Good luck anyway lads



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it'd be nice to have an owner who showed some ambition, like the porn barons are for your lot finally. unfortunately the only manager ashley ever back was mcclaren, which i think put him off the idea of spending any money on his football club ever again

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54 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:


Hope I'm wrong, obviously. :lol:


What's needed for him to fuck off out of our club is him dying (hopefully soon and painfully) or someone to call his bluff and, Dr King Schultz style, make an offer so ridiculous he'd be forced to consider it. And I don't think that's around the corner, as much as I want it to be.

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