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Rafa’s bargain bin boys vs Warnock’s wankers

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I cannot predict the result but I will predict that post game Warnock will whine like the old wanker he is about some perceived injustice which he will totally be wrong about. 

I know, imagine giving some sort of responsibility to fully grown adults. 

Havent seen any highlights but as we came out the ground we were accosted by some gobby locals who said Kenedy should have got a red too, I said that's fuckin ironic because we were of the strong opin

As much as these are probably the worst side in the league, it IS their first home game and Colin Wanker will probably have them well up for it to the point where we'll have to weather some kind of early pressure, I imagine. I'm cautiously optimistic that we can start controlling the game and force their defence into mistakes since they looked AOTS against Bournemouth. I'll hedge my bets and say 1-1 since I reckon they'll be much improved from last week.

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Got a nice reminder of what an utter bellend Warnock is when I was reading about how he disliked Benitez.

It’s all because Benitez played a weakened side against Fulham in the second last game of the 06/07 season, Liverpool had the CL final two weeks later and went on to lose to Fulham which put Sheffield United in the bottom 3. There was a quote from Mrs Doubtfire saying something like “that’s what happens when you have a foreign manager like Rafa Benitez, he probably doesn’t give Sheffield United a second thought”, no idea what Rafa being foreign has to do with not giving a fuck about Sheffield. 

I actually didn’t know he had this big (partly xenophobic) grudge against Benitez, shows how much I give a fuck about Sheffield United, but fuck me who doesn’t Warnock blame for that relegation :lol: I hope we batter these hoofball whoppers. 

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