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Red Scousers V Toon

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Hope we don't cross the half way line and 0-0 them, the media tantrums would be just beautiful 

Aye I'm due a lottery win as well 

We're going to get bummed so hard we won't even know we've been bummed till 20 years later when the PTSD kicks in.

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More than likely, double-decker buses will be parked on the goal-line. Parked any further forward will open the door for the scouse bin-dippers to get at all of the hub-caps

Rafa has no doubt approached the County Durham Cricket Club for advice on how to prevent an anticipated cricket score.

Dubravka has no doubt made a post-game appointment to see a Chiropractor. Picking the ball from the back of the net repeatedly can cause back problems.

I hope my letter to Santa with my Christmas wish enclosed will be received in time. Failing that I will call on Jesus Christ, his dad, Allah, and this bloke called Buddha for their help.



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I hope we sit deeper than Mourinho’s Chelsea, then we catch them on the break late on for a Joselu winner. Phil Thompson to have a mental breakdown on SSN, Mark Lawrenson throws his wig at Shearer in disgust, a day of mourning is declared by Liverpool’s mayor, and there is a media meltdown by people like Sam Allardyce saying Rafa should have attacked. 

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They are pretty much always the team I want us to beat more than any other, their fans, especially the ones in the media are the most unbearable twats, every other football fan I know who is kind of a dick about football is a Liverpool fan.


They're going to obliterate us.

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